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Delve Online Fall 2020: Far From the Madding Crowd

October 5 - 26, 2020
Mondays, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. (4 sessions)
online via Zoom

The older well-to-do gentleman farmer, the dashing cavalry officer, or the steadfast shepherd—whom will accidental tenant farmer Bathsheba Everdene choose? Far From the Madding Crowd, Thomas Hardy’s 1874 novel that first established his international reputation, asks and answers that question. But, because this is Thomas Hardy, the course of true love is fraught with perils, tragic accidents of fate, well-meaning rustics, and—sheep. This is one of the great 19th century love stories, written by a master novelist/poet whose lifelong literary celebration of his beloved Dorset countryside is nowhere better displayed than here. This four-week Delve will explore Hardy’s mastery of place, country customs, and a now-departed way of life that can only be found…Far From the Madding Crowd.

For this Delve, the guide strongly recommends the Penguin Classics edition, edited with an introduction and notes by Rosemarie Morgan (ISBN 978-0141439655). Hardy’s novels were frequently revised during his lifetime; this edition is the only one that uses Hardy’s original manuscript as its source text, the version that Hardy originally submitted for serial publication. All other editions have been expurgated, edited, and revised substantially.

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Here is a link to the cloth-bound book the guide will be using, available at Broadway Books: https://www.broadwaybooks.net/book/9780241240274

Delve Access Program
We want Delve seminars to be accessible to everyone, regardless of income and background. We understand that our tuition structure can present obstacles for some people. We are happy to offer an Access Program which provides reduced tuition to qualifying participants. Our Access Program offers Delve seminar registrations at a sliding scale amount of $45-$100 per registration. Most Delves have at least one access spot available. Contact Susan Moore at susan@literary-arts.org if you would like to take a Delve at the Access Rate

Christopher Lord

The author of the Dickens Junction Mysteries, Lord has guided many Delve seminars on novels by Dickens, Hardy, Forster, James, and from the “Golden Age” of detective fiction. His latest Delve was a search of the elusive Great White Whale. He is the recipient of a Literary Arts Fellowship to Writers.
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