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Pop-up: Elly Blue & Cynthia Marts

Sat, Nov 11, 2017 from 10:30 am - 10:45 am PST
1219 SW Park Ave Portland, OR 97205

Portland locals, Elly Blue and Cynthia Marts, read from their short stories included in Biketopia: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories in Extreme Futures in the Portland Art Museum galleries.

Blue and Marts are paired with Harvest by Michael Brophy; found in the Northwest Art, floor 3, gallery 305. Please reference the Portland Art Museum Map to find this location.

Biketopia is the newest volume of the Bikes in Space series: A highly imaginative collection of sci-fi stories with a feminist bent.

In a world with an uncertain future, do you imagine for the best or for the worst case scenario? Twelve writers tackle extreme utopias and dystopias―and the grey areas in between―in Biketopia, the fourth volume of the Bikes in Space series of feminist science fiction stories about bicycling. Some find love and fierce resistance in the end times; others imagine an ecological future of saving technology, with solarpunk ecotopian visions, at times paired with crushing social control. Whatever your own future or present reality, these stories will motivate and inspire you to envision something different… and maybe even better. 

Cyn Marts

Cyn Marts is an east-coast wanderer building her way to literary success in Portland. She works as Publicity Director for Microcosm Publishing, and in her spare time devours pop-culture and genre-fiction like a mogwai after midnight.
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Elly Blue

Elly Blue is a writer and bicycle activist living in Portland, Oregon. Her previous books include Everyday Bicycling, Bikenomics, Pedal Zombies, and more. She tours annually with the Dinner and Bikes program that she co-founded, and is co-producer and director of Groundswell, a series of movies about people using bicycling to make their communities better. Since January 2015, she is co-owner and marketing director at Microcosm Publishing.
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