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Pop-up: Mindy Nettifee

Sat, Nov 10, 2018 from 3:30 pm - 3:45 pm PST
1219 SW Park Ave Portland, OR 97205

Mindy Nettifee pops-up with her new book of poetry, Open Your Mouth Like a Bell.

Nettifee is paired with Herons Under the Moon by Shimomura Kanzan in the Poetic Imagination in Japanese Art exhibit, found on the 1st floor of the Portland Art Museum. Please reference the Portland Art Museum Map to find this location.

In her third full-length collection of poetry, Nettifee’s powers are on the wax. The book follows a course of descent, plumbing the dark unknown, in search of wild memory and buried trauma and the stories of the dead. Nettifee is seeking the roots of the personal, familial and cultural madness blossoming aboveground. Her studies of the unconscious mind, archetypal psychology and western mysticism are in conversation with punk chaos, feminist politics, and the evolution of kissing. The lineage of poems as spells is humming and cracking beneath the surface, asking questions about what it takes to imagine, create and enact change.

Mindy Nettifee

Dr. Mindy Nettifee is a depth psychology researcher, somatic educator and therapist, and award-winning writer and performance poet. She is one of the producers of Back Fence PDX, and a host and storyteller for The Moth. In addition to her many years teaching the craft of live storytelling, she has taught creative writing and performance workshops at several places, including NYU and Lewis & Clark college. Her current research and practice focus on the role of voice and expression in trauma healing.
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