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Pop-up: Wendy Willis

  • This event has passed.

When:November 9, 2019 @ 3:30 pm - 3:45 pm


Portland Art Museum
1219 SW Park Ave
Portland, OR 97205

Wendy Willis pops-up in the Portland Art Museum galleries with her essay collection, These Are Strange Times, My Dear

Willis is paired with the artwork Refusal by Hank Willis Thomas; found in the Hank Willis Thomas special exhibit, on the 1st floor of the Portland Art Museum. Please reference the Portland Art Museum Map to find this location.

In these pointed and wide-ranging essays, Wendy Willis explores everything from personal resistance to the rise of political podcasts, civic loneliness to the exploitation of personal data, public outrage to the opioid crisis—all with a poet’s gift for finding the sacred in the mundane, a hope in the dark.

One of the country’s sharpest observers of politics, art, and the American spirit, Willis returns often to the demanding question posed by Czech writer, activist, and politician Václav Havel: What does it mean to live in truth? Her view is honed by her place as a poet, as a mother, and, when necessary, as an activist. Together, the essays in These Are Strange Times, My Dear work within that largely unmapped place where the heartbreaks and uncertainties of one’s inner life brush up against the cruelties and responsibilities of politics and government and our daily lives.