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Valerie Yvette Peterson

Valerie Yvette Peterson

Valerie Yvette Peterson has been performing for over 30 years here in her hometown of Portland, Oregon and has written countless plays and short stories and has performed her poetry in various theaters across the country.

Her latest chapbook titled, Fruits Of Our Labor- My Words, My Harvest; A Compilation Of Poetry and Prose My Words, My Harvest; A Compilation Of Poetry and Prose, can be found at most media outlets. This extraordinary debut collection of poetry and prose, chronicles the realities and disparities of divorce, relationships, abortion and mental illness, within communities of color. Each poem and story is complete in itself; collectively they create a tapestry as intricate, defined and colorful as the people they represent.

Valerie Yvette Peterson’s written and performed work has been featured in Kontrol Magazine, Stereotypeco.com, Dr. Melinda Silva’s Podcast for Mental Health, Festival for Poetry.com, Wild Sound Festival Review, Ethically Immoral Podcast, Portland Observer Magazine, Fertile Ground Festival of New Work and many others. Her work was recently selected to appear in the Anthology: Voices for Justice, published by the Los Angeles Poets Society Press.

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BIPOC Reading Series- February

We're kicking off the new year with the theme "VISIONS."  This bimonthly reading series is intended to prioritize the safety, creativity, and stories of Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color. Come listen to our featured readers, or sign up to share your work in our open mic. Readings will be followed by a

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