Winter 2019: Mood Boarding Your Memoir: March


Winter 2019: Mood Boarding Your Memoir: March


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March 3 & March 10, 2019
Sundays, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Class meets at Literary Arts, 925 SW Washington
Instructor: Erica Trabold

Is the story of your life orange or yellow? Quiet or loud? Swirled or jagged or curved? What does your project look like when you paint it, collage it, or doodle it with eyes closed? Participants in this workshop will do everything but write. Instead, we will create visual artifacts to guide us through writing’s most difficult days—mood boards to serve as touchstone and roadmap, reminder and inspiration, focused visions that keep us on track to tell our stories and tell them well.

Erica Trabold is the author of the essay collection Five Plots. Her essays have appeared in South Dakota Review, Essay Daily, Seneca Review, The Rumpus, and elsewhere. Erica was a 2016 artist-in-residence at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts.

CLASS LIAISONS: All classes have one liaison position. Liaisons receive free tuition in exchange for light duties before and after each class meeting.

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE: Scholarships pay for the entire class tuition. All of our writing classes have at least one scholarship position available, made possible by a generous gift from Dennis Steinman.

To apply for Scholarship or Liaison positions, e-mail Susan Moore, Director of Programs for Writers, at with your name, contact information, and list three classes in order of preference. Please note that preference is not guaranteed. All scholarships are subject to availability.