Winter 2020: Elements of Story

Zulema Renee Summerfield Portland Book Festival

Winter 2020: Elements of Story


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This workshop is ideal for writers with an early draft of a story, an in-progress story that has stalled, or an idea for a story that hasn’t quite found its form. We’ll take in-depth looks at basic elements of craft, from plot and dialogue to point of view and voice, exploring ways to weave these elements into our own work. Each week, we will share our stories in a supportive, creative workshop setting, with an eye towards exploratory revision and eventual publication.

Zulema Renee Summerfield is the author of the novel Every Other Weekend. Her short fiction has appeared in numerous publications, including Guernica and The Threepenny Review. Her first book, Everything Faces All Ways At Once, is available from Fourteen Hills Press.

CLASS LIAISONS: All classes have one liaison position. Liaisons receive free tuition in exchange for light duties before and after each class meeting.

SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE: Scholarships pay for the entire class tuition. All of our writing classes have at least one scholarship position available, made possible by a generous gift from Dennis Steinman.

To apply for Scholarship or Liaison positions, e-mail Susan Moore, Director of Programs for Writers, at with your name, contact information, and the class you are interested in. Priority is given to students who have not taken classes with us before. Scholarships are awarded 1-2 weeks before the class begins.  All scholarships are subject to availability.