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Explain Bees To A Martian

Literary Arts gave out buttons at our booth at Wordstock. They’re writing prompts! Here, in their entirety, are the prompts we came up with in preparation for last weekend. Feel free to make your own buttons, and if you need a writing prompt, well …

Tell mostly lies
Scare yourself
Write without stopping
Embellish your dreams
Describe fear to a penguin
Explain fish to a cactus
List your wishes
Grocery list for a space alien
Five ways to say happy
Love letter to the weather
Memo to the traffic
Describe blue to a cloud
Explain voting to a duck
Three rhymes for glove
Begin three times
Start in the middle
Begin at the end
Write a letter to your house
Allow error
Use all five senses
Describe your commute
Explain bees to a Martian
Write standing up
Write in bed
Explain doors to a doorknob
Tell it slowly
Tell it all at once