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Writing Prompts for At-Home Writers

In the coming weeks, Literary Arts will be posting writing prompts from our teachers and other writers in our community. Today’s prompts are from Margaret Malone and Natalie Serber.

Natalie Serber is the host of One Page Wednesday – taking place online in April – and teaches at Literary Arts. She has an upcoming class that will be offered online in May.

Natalie’s prompt, and all sorts of other ideas about reading and writing, can be found in her newsletter. It starts: “Buddy up! I once heard the amazing writer Jo Ann Beard talk about how she and a friend would chat on the phone late at night. They’d drink a beer and give each other a prompt, hang up … to find what happens next read Natalie’s newsletter at: https://www.natalieserber.com/category/readwriteeat/

Margaret Malone is the author of People Like You. She teaches short fiction for Literary Arts. Stay tuned for an announcement soon about an online class she’ll be offering. Here’s a quick and easy prompt from Margaret, for fiction writers:

You see a soggy neck tie hung around a wrought iron fence post.Write 5 possible situations explaining briefly how and why the tie ended up there.Then pick 1 of these and start a story. See where it goes.

Stay tuned for more writing prompts and online offerings from Literary Arts!

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