Writing Prompts for Stay-At-Home Writers: Hannah Kim

Welcome to Tuesday’s edition of  Writing Prompts for Stay-at-Home Writers. Today’s prompt is from Hannah Kim.

Hannah Kim is a writer, storyteller, and improv comedian. She is interested in radical intersectional feminism and how it relates to anti-capitalism and reclamation of the divine feminine. Hannah is leading the upcoming online Delve seminar on Paula by Isabel Allende.

Hannah’s prompt includes a Spotify playlist. Here’s her prompt:

“I think it’s a lot of fun to use other mediums and senses to spark my inspiration for writing. Here are some ways you can use music as your writing prompt: 

  1. Play one of the songs from this Spotify playlist in full (they’re all under 2 min!). Don’t write, just listen! After the songs ends, write something inspired by what you heard. You can be inspired by the lyrics or just how it made you feel, or the time period it evokes…etc
  2. Play the songs on this playlist on shuffle (they’re all instrumental!) and write as you listen! Evolve what you’re writing based on the songs and how they change.
  3. Make your own playlists and do the above! 
  4. Use lyrics/titles from your songs as prompts. As an example, I wrote pieces based on the titles “I Can Change”  (LCD Soundsystem) and “Wash it All Away” (San Cisco).”


Tune in Friday for a prompt from Matthew Minicucci. Our friends at Cave Canem are also posting prompts as part of their Literary Balms: Community Writing Project. Let us know how you’re doing, and how your writing is going. Email Susan Moore, Director of Programs for Writers, at susan@literary-arts.org.

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