• April 3, 2023
          2023 Oregon Book Awards
          April 5, 2023
          One Page Wednesday- April
          April 8, 2023
          Jessica E. Johnson & Janice Lee: A Reading & Conversation
          April 13, 2023
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Sini Anderson

Sini Anderson

Sini Anderson is an award-winning film director, producer, video art maker, and feminist art activist. Her films , The Punk Singer, a documentary about Kathleen Hanna &  Catherine Opie b. 1961 have won Anderson several directing awards,  for example for The Punk Singer,  The Lena Sharpe Persistence of Vision from SIFF, Seattle International Film Festival &  ARCA Best Director Award from Distrial Film Festival in Mexico City. Awards for the Opie film include, HBO’s Best Documentary Short at Provincetown International Film Festival, Excellence in American Profiles Award at the San Francisco Documentary Film Festival, & the VIMEO Staff Award at OutFest Los Angeles. Andersons current project, So Sick,  is a seven part documentary series that she’s been making since 2014.

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