• December 7, 2021
          Maxine Scates and Joseph Millar
          December 8, 2021
          One Page Wednesday: December
          December 9, 2021
          Bagley Wright Lecture Series: “Is That A Real Poem Or Did You Just Make It Up?”
          December 14, 2021
          The Moth Mainstage in Portland
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Gifts of Stock

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Thank you for making a gift to Literary Arts. Please use the following letter of authorization to contribute publicly traded securities such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds through your brokerage account. All contributions to your fund are irrevocable. Using the form provided at the bottom of this page, please contact Literary Arts directly to notify us of your transfer. This step is very important to ensure that we can provide you with a tax receipt and recognition for your gift.

If you have questions about this process, please contact lydah@literary-arts.org or 503-989-7110.

Initiate the Transfer with Your Broker

To transfer stocks, bonds, or mutual funds that are being held electronically, please provide these instructions to your financial broker.

Deliver All DTC Eligible Securities to:
DTC Clearing: #0443
BancWest Investment Services/Pershing LLC
Account Number: AY6034693


If you have questions about this process, please contact valeria@literary-arts.org or 503-227-2583 ext. 108.