Gina Ochsner Offers Writing Workshop in January

Gina Ochsner will be offering an advanced class in writing the novel at Literary Arts in January:

Pushing the Plough: Moving a Novel Past Chapter One and Beyond 

About the class: Writing a novel requires imagination, vision and stubbornness. At times the words rise from a secret well and we can’t write them down fast enough.  At other times we may stare at a chapter segment or scene and think:  what now?  What next?   Or, how in the world did my characters end up here?

This class is for writers who want to work on pieces of longer lengths:  novellas and novels or short stories that could be expanded  into a novel.  The focus will be  on deepening character, pushing characters into sustainable conflicts, special studies of points of view, linking imagery, voice , and the building of a life raft set of  strategies for the inevitable “hit the wall” phenomenon that seems to befall even the most inspired of manuscripts.  

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