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Teacher Spotlight: Radhika Sharma

Radhika Sharma is the author of Parikrama, a collection of short stories and Mangoes for Monkeys, a novel. Radhika has been writing for over two decades and her byline has appeared in several publications including The San Francisco Chronicle, The San Jose Mercury News, India Currents, Tri City Voice and others. One of Radhika’s stories, “Just a Photograph”, was showcased by Kearny Street Workshop in APAture 2013; another story Daddy Cool was published by The Santa Clara Review.

This summer, Radhika is teaching Complexity and Simplicity: Unlocking the Genius of Your Craft. Here’s what she has to say about the class!

Describe what happens in a typical class.
Lots! Each class is super packed with instructor notes, peer feedback, animated discussion, and craft review. For a detailed structure, please refer to your welcome emails!

What do you like most about teaching this class?
I love this class because it unravels our hidden strengths as writers and helps develop a creative muscle for review and revision. I also love this class in equal measure because of the opportunity to pay homage to all the literary greats and learn from their work.

Who do you recommend this class to?
While all levels are welcome, this class will be especially beneficial to those who have some prior craft experience.

What do you hope students will get out of it?
I hope this class will remind students that writing is, above all, a process. I hope to assist students developmentally at various stages and through the processes of instructor and peer feedback support their confidence in writing and revising their own work. 

Describe your writing process/practice.
I have deep reverence for writing. I am always writing and meditating on my stories. I have learned to allow my work the time it requires to bloom fully.

I read, write and revise in rhythm – sometimes writing more, sometimes reading more. I often work on two or three projects simultaneously. I find that it energizes me and allows me to go deeper in my craft.  I write longhand quite a bit as well! 

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