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Ryan & Lucy Berkley

Ryan & Lucy Berkley





Ryan-Berkley_webRyan Berkley, the human artist, likes to mix his job making meticulous masterpieces with family festivities. On the drawing board, he’s a stickler for detail and accuracy, so much so that he tends to hold his breath and squint while he’s coloring. To balance those scrupulous studio sessions, he always allows time for a more abstract activity. On most days, that’s an afternoon dance party with his children and hound dog. To him, nothing refreshes his mental palate more than a good somersault while his three-year-old plays air guitar.


lucy-berkley_webLucy Berkley, the matriarch and head of entrepreneurial operations, spends a lot of her time coming up with ideas. She is a problem solver at heart, and while she used to specialize
 in crossword puzzles, her solutions now revolve around her duties as a full-time mom, business owner, writer, and dance party co-captain. Because brainstorming occupies the bulk of her business day, she enjoys evenings engaged in embroidery. While she thoroughly relishes the chaos of her routine, she finds the minutiae of needlepoint a relaxing counterpoint to consideration of the big picture.


Ryan and Lucy Berkley will be giving a Pop-Up Reading  at 11:30am in the Glass Gallery (Jubitz Center, 2nd Floor).