The Night Will Erase You: An Erasure Workshop

Kate Lebo by Heather Malcolm

The Night Will Erase You: An Erasure Workshop


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Saturday, November 7
9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Kinney Classroom
Portland Art Museum

taught by Kate Lebo

In conversation, mishearing doesn’t eliminate what was actually said, but it can start a different conversation. Erasure does something similar, when one writer takes the work of another and makes a new text from a printed one. Participants will consider the erasures of Tom Phillips, Jennifer Borges Foster, Srikanth Reddy, Mary Ruefle and others. Participants will also make their own erasures, borrowing from literature, visual art, and book art to find their voices within another writer’s.

Kate Lebo is the author of two cookbooks, Pie School  and A Commonplace Book of Pie. Her essays and poems have appeared in Best American Essays, Best New PoetsNew England Review, and Willow Springs, among other places. Her most recent zine, From a Tree, is a collection of erasures from Wikipedia entries for fruits, vegetables, and herbs made in collaboration with book artist Dan Shafer.

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