The Punch-Up: Unleashing Your Humor on the Page


The Punch-Up: Unleashing Your Humor on the Page


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Saturday, November 7
3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
West Conference Room
Portland Art Museum

taught by Beth Lisick

Class is limited to 9 students

Hopefully you have a sense of humor, but do you have a hard time translating that into your writing? Explore how to find the funny in this “writers’ room” style session where we’re sure have a lot of laughs. Bring in your essays, stories, monologues, and screenplays to share.

Beth Lisick is a writer and actor. She is the author of five books including the memoir collection Yokohama Threeway and Other Small Shames, the New York Times bestselling comic memoir Everybody Into the Pool, the gonzo self-help manifesto Helping Me Help Myself, the story collection This Too Can Be Yours, and the performance poetry/story collection Monkey Girl.

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