Brian Booth Writers’ Fund

The Brian Booth Writers’ Fund supports and honors the creation of new work here in Oregon. Make your investment in the creative future of Oregon today.

The Brian Booth Writers’ Fund was created in 2014 to ensure Oregon writers will have a permanent funding source.

With an initial goal to raise $2,000,000 we are just $15,000 away, and we are asking you to join us now.

Make a Gift

Make your gift today and invest in the creative future of Oregon. Our goal is to raise $2 million in order to provide permanent funding for our state’s writers and publishers through the Oregon Book Awards & Fellowships.


Since 1987, Literary Arts has honored over 600 Oregon writers and publishers, and distributed just over one million dollars in fellowships and award monies through the Oregon Book Awards and Fellowships program.

This year, for the first time, we awarded two fellowships of $10,000 each, in addition to thirteen fellowships of $3,500 to writers and publishers, thanks to the Brian Booth Writers’ Fund.

A Visionary Oregonian

Brian Booth was a visionary Oregonian who helped build some of the state’s most important cultural institutions. With the help of William Stafford, Ursula K. Le Guin, Ken Kesey, and other iconic writers, Booth created the Oregon Book Awards and Fellowships program in 1987 “to assist Pacific Northwest writers and promote the literary arts in the Northwest.”

Brian Booth Writers’ Fund Honor Roll


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