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Writing Results: Things That Annoy You

Below are the 3 submissions that we received this week for the writing prompt. Check back Monday for our next writing prompt.

The Rain by mb142003
The rain,
It envelops the land
It descends upon light and dark
Fosters growth and decay
Life or death
The rain,
It cleanses the sidewalks
Swirling the oil-slicks and chemicals down the drain
The rain,
Pushing a torrent through underground pipes,
Like so many roller coasters
Diluting the excrement and Drain-o
The rain,
Coming to the thrill ride’s ending
Released from the tunnels, a torrent of grime
The rain,
Cascading, splashing, tainting the Pacific
Warping, changing, morphing the biosphere
The rain,
Doing the job we left behind
The rain,
Our protector, our savior
The rain.

The Bottomless Abyss by mb142003
Twilight stillness
Translucent, luminescent fish
Bloated, 3 month-old corpse of an Orca
Bubbles of air, rising to explode on the surface
Monstrous, gliding Kraken
All this depends on
The plankton, base of all marine life
The plankton, who will be gone in 40 years

Untitled by Jonathan H.
The thunder head loomed on the horizon,
waves lapped at the shore,
the gulls flew above the sea,
the boat rocked upon the waves,
the waves struck at the shore,
nets swelled with fish,
the boat tossed by the waves,
fronds blew in the wind,
the nets burst with fish,
the storm battered the rocks,
the fronds crushed by the wind,
dolphins flew towards the sky,
the storm thrashed at the rocks,
whales launched geysers at the sky,
the dolphins absorbed by the sea,
shells coughed upon the shore,
whales sank into the depths,
the sand stolen by the waves,
the shells thrown onto the beach,
the thunder head controlled the horizon.

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