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June’s Writing Prompt

The summer is upon us and school will soon be over. WITS programs are wrapping up in the various schools and our latest anthology is in production. Because of this, WITS’s WOOTS is switching over to a summer schedule. We will still be updating and posting student work for you to enjoy. The biggest change will be that you now have an entire month to work on your response to our writing prompt. On the first Monday of the month we will post a writing prompt. Work on it throughout the month and submit it before the last Friday of the month. Since you have more time, feel free to really work on it and revise it if you feel like it. Submit it using the Submit link in the sidebar.

On that note…

June’s Writing Prompt (Prose): Create a list of things you would like to accomplish this summer. Then, from that list, write a story involving a character having a difficult time accomplishing one of the items on your list.

June’s Writing Prompt (Poetry): What song reminds you of summer? Take a lyric from that song and use it as the first line in a poem.

Due: June 25th


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