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Unpacking Coffee: A Podcast from Needmore Designs


While everyone has a story to tell, surely every thing has a tale to tell share as well. Our creative partners at Needmore are experts on helping brands give a voice to their products and selecting the best medium to elevate their stories. Kandace and Ray Brigleb, the pair behind Needmore, produce and create beautiful storytelling for local brands and nonprofits through websites, social media, and podcasts. While they helped create a platform for The Archive Project, our radio show and podcast in 2014, Kandace and Ray have been producing podcasts for years. Their own adventures into this medium include The Job, which offers a space for Portland professionals to share their career journeys. It includes incredible interviews with artists, musicians, business owners, and even our own Andrew Proctor. As the show took off, they decided to turn the collection into a book as well, offering another way to interact with these fantastic stories from incredible Portlanders.

Today, Needmore has a new venture to highlight another industry, and this time it’s a video podcast, Unpacking Coffee. During each episode, they physically unpack a bag of coffee they receive in the mail from a roaster and walk you through their experience as they sample the coffee and explore the company’s offerings. A full run of audio episodes are on iTunes too!

As storytelling and media experts, Needmore always chooses the best medium. They’ve helped Literary Arts elevate our mission online and launch our own podcast and radio show, The Archive Project. Through this project, we’ve experienced how podcasts and radio can immerse people in stories in a wonderfully unique way. We hope you enjoy all of these stories and check out Needmore’s services.


Q&A with Kandace and Ray from Needmore:

What is your favorite type of story to tell?

Brand and organizations are founded when someone cares deeply about something. Our favorite stories trace back to that initial sense of purpose and elaborate to the present.

How do you decide what storytelling medium is best for your clients?

We start by articulating goals and the look to the medium for achieving said goals.

How did you get started in podcasts?

When Ray and I first met, he was producing an event called Hello!Video in which filmmakers would show their short films. From there, we started a video series with friends called Neighbormates that was eventually syndicated as a video podcast. This was in the early 2000’s. We’ve launched a handful of podcast projects throughout the years with Unpacking Coffee being our current jam. A year in, we’ve only just gotten started.

What made you decide to start a coffee-specific podcast?

We had been producing The Job for awhile and were on the lookout for a new project. For years, we focused primarily on designing and producing websites. A couple years ago, we began helping our coffee clients with more (branding, naming, story, packaging, etc). It was important to us to have a solid understanding of the visual landscape in coffee and so we began researching coffee design. As we were ordering and talking about trends in coffee, we became fascinated with how different roasters were uniquely showcasing and talking about their coffee. Unpacking Coffee was born out of this research.

Where do you see podcasts going in the future?

One of the drawbacks to podcasting presently is that it is more difficult to get accurate data about listeners and their habits. Likely, you’ll see consolation into podcasting networks with each network having an app that can get this type of data. As the medium grows, you’ll see more and more crossover with more traditional media.

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