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WITS Anthology Student Poem: A Cry to The Moon by Jazerei Lei Pajela

Last spring, WITS Writer CJ Wiggan taught a virtual residency in Charles Sanderson’s 9th grade class at WeBBS. Many students from that class submitted their work to the forthcoming Writers in the Schools 2020-21 Anthology, Curiosity in Ones and Zeros, which will launch at this year’s Portland Book Festival, including the student whose work is featured below.

A Cry to The Moon

by Jazerei Lei Pajela

My parents say I stay up too late

There’s a reason for that

There’s always a reason 

At night, when the only sounds to be heard

Is my laughter as I talk to my friends on the phone

Or sometimes it’s just silence

Pure and comforting 


My eyelids turn to dumbbells as I struggle to stay awake

And my mind sings it’s time to go to sleep

But I don’t want to

Not yet at least

If I do, I know what’ll happen

The sun will rise and it’ll start all over again

Wasting through the day

Not a moment of relaxation

As the moon once again makes its appearance

I breathe a sigh of relief

For at night, it is the only time

Where I can truly unwind

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