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Lead a Delve Seminar

Literary Arts is currently accepting proposals from instructors/guides for our Delve Readers Seminars  for Fall 2023 and Winter 2024.   We offer Delve seminars online and in-person.

Delve Readers Seminars are discussion-based literature seminars that explore compelling authors and books, themed literary topics, and also the intersection of literature with other mediums. Literary Arts is happy to hear from experienced writers, artists, scholars, and teachers interested in working as Delve Seminar Guides: our Guides “guide” and facilitate seminars, more so than “teach” in an academic sense.

Guides should be knowledgeable about their proposed topics/authors, have teaching or facilitating experience, be comfortable in group-discussion settings, and have a deep appreciation for reading, literature, the art of dialogue, and the ability of literature to foster community.

NOTE: We especially welcome seminar proposals from instructors/guides of color, and those with an invested interest in leading seminars on texts and topics that will broaden reading horizons in a non-academic setting. Prior experience with Delve as a seminar participant is highly encouraged. 

Guides are contracted for individual seminars. Each seminar is limited to 16 participants who complete designated reading in advance and come prepared to discuss the text in an informal, friendly atmosphere. No previous knowledge of author or text or topic is required. Delves are meant to offer an enjoyable peer-to-peer learning experience that fosters community and intellectual inquiry.

Delve seminars run anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks in length, usually meeting once a week.

Click here to see a current listing of our Delve Readers Seminars.

Before sending us a proposal, we encourage you to visit the links above to get familiar with the types of seminars that Delve offers.

To apply to be a Delve Seminar Guide, please submit the following:

1-2 page CV, including publication history and teaching experience
1 page statement of your teaching philosophy
2-3 seminar proposals (no more than a page each) with reading lists
Information about any prior experience with Delve as a seminar participant
Information about any social media or other platforms for promotion that you can use to promote the seminar.

Please send materials in a single Word or PDF document via email to Susan Moore at   susan@literary-arts.org.  Please contact Susan with any questions!

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