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          Timeless Feminist Wisdom: A poetic conversation between Adela Zamudio and Adrienne Rich
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          An Evening with Barbara Kingsolver, in Conversation with Jess Walter
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This is Not A Picture of an Oregon Writer

This is a picture of a dog. This dog can roll over, fetch, and play dead. What this dog does best, however, is lie in the hall here at Literary Arts in front of her owner’s office in a way that makes it impossible to walk by without stopping to pet her and tell her what an exceptional specimen of canine beauty she is. Which makes for a very pleasant time. Her fur is very soft. She smells good.

This dog is off to Massachusetts, and we wish her well and hope she returns to visit.

Thank you Elizabeth for all your work on the behalf of Oregon’s writers! We will miss you.

The Oregon Arts Commission does not give grants to dogs, no matter how well they roll over and fetch. It does, however, award grants to writers through its Artist Fellowship grants program. This year, Oregon artists working in Literature (creative non-fiction, fiction, play writing and poetry) and Performing Arts (choreography, dance, music composition, music performance, theater and performance art) will be considered. The deadline for application is October 15, 2008. Applications are available at the Oregon Arts Commission web site. There is no charge to apply.