Honey in the Horn

Saturday, October 18th, is the birthday of Oregon writer H.L. Davis, author of the 1936 Pulitzer-prize winning novel Honey in the Horn.

To commemorate his birthday, why not take in one of the many readings and other literary events happening around Oregon this weekend? To name a few:

Saturday, October 18th:

In Corvallis, John Daniel and Kathleen Dean Moore will be reading at 7:00 p.m. at the Corvallis Public Library. John and Kathleen, both Oregon Book Awards winners, will be reading from the new anthology,  Let There Be Night: Testimony on Behalf of the Dark, edited by Paul Bogard.

In Newport, Donna Henderson, a previous Oregon Book Awards finalist will be reading at 7:00 as part of the Nye Beach Writers Series. She will be joined by her sister Bonnie Henderson.

In Portland, Indigo Editing is sponsoring Sledgehammer, a writing contest that involves teams and prompts and cool prizes.

Sunday, October 19th:

Previous Oregon Literary Fellowships recipients Matthew and Michael Dickman will be reading as part of the Beyond Vernacular Reading Series at The Secret Society (116 NE Russell). Also reading will be Sid Miller and Kristin Berger.

There’s also a Law and Order marathon all weekend on the USA Network.

But you’ve already seen every episode!