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"Whatever It Is That Might Come"

Today is the birthday of Ursula Le Guin. In a recent interview with the Corvallis Gazette-Times, Ursula talked about her writing habits:

“I never had any real schedule, I’m too sloppy, and I can’t force my work. If I have a novel going I write two or three hours in the morning, and maybe do some revising in the afternoon, and all the rest of the time the novel is going on somewhere in my head. If I don’t have anything particular going, as is the case right now, I wander around in my head listening for a story or a poem. I spend a lot of time doing mail and other stuff, but all the time I am listening for the story, or the poem, or whatever it is that might come.”

(the full text of this interview can be found at the Gazette-Times web site)

Ursula will be appearing at The Nature of Words in Bend in November.

Happy Birthday Ursula!