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This Life of Women by Isabel Burri

This Life of Women
by Isabel Burri from Open Meadow High School
Published in the 2007-2008 WITS Anthology I Once Was Young and Strong

5 years old
“Mommy, why do I have these holes in my face?”
thunder thighs
thick glasses in the first grade
self-doubting kind of women

9 years old
“You’re the one with the funny accent.”
new life
one friend and a spaceship to the moon
let-your-hair-down, road-trip-across-the-country type of women

11 years old
“Your dad loves you, you know that, right?”
packed bags
new house without him
strong, “We didn’t need him anyway” living kind of women

14 years old
“And how does that make you feel?”
rock bottom
let’s just figure out what’s wrong with me already
always there to catch you when you fall super women

16 years old
introverted, “I’m never going to say what I mean, or mean what I say.”
married five times
six weeks is up kind of women

In this life, I am raised by women

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