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Tin House’s Holiday Gift Guide

As an editorial team, we are thinking all year long about books! You might think we’d want something different, then, come the holiday season, but books top the wish list of presents that we always give and hope to get. Below are some recent Tin House titles to gift your friends and loved ones:

For many of us, I think the holidays are a time not just to celebrate, but to slow down and take stock of where and who we are. For anyone who shares this tradition, Kyle Lucia Wu’s debut novel, Win Me Something, is a perfect companion. It’s a gorgeous, searching story of a young woman looking to define herself and find her place in the world, and though it examines big themes of identity, family, race, belonging, and more, the storytelling feels so tender and intimate. 

For a book that involves more literal searching, I’d suggest Paraic O’Donnell’s gothic mystery, The House on Vesper Sands. I first read this novel on a long train ride, and the haunting atmosphere and clever twists made the hours on that train fly by. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to fall deeply and delightfully into a story, and make the outside world fade away—an ideal read for holiday travels! 

—Elizabeth DeMeo 

During the holidays, I’m always excited to share debut books with others. The gorgeous cover of My Darling from the Lions might draw you in by itself, but take a closer look at the opening poems. Rich with vivid imagery and clear, intimate storytelling, this stunning collection by Rachel Long is the perfect gift for someone who loves poetry or who’s ready to love poetry, but hasn’t yet found the collection that speaks to them.

Also, if you know a big Morgan Parker fan (and you definitely do), then you should check out Other People’s Comfort Keeps Me Up at Night, her re-released debut collection with a new introduction by Danez Smith. You can help complete your loved one’s book set! And if you prefer fiction, but still want to be swept away by powerful, memorable language, Eman Quotah’s debut novel, Bride of the Sea, makes a great gift. Spanning across decades and continents, this immersive novel considers the lengths we’d go to protect the ones we love, and will hold you in its story until the very last page. 

—Alyssa Ogi 

Though you’ll find me indoors this time of year, right now I’m drawn to works that take me places. Annabel Abb’s Windswept transports with a lyrical examination of wilderness walking through stories of notable women like Georgia O’Keeffe, Nan Shepherd, Gwen John, Daphne du Maurier, and Simone de Beauvoir.

And, if you want a more aquatic path, you can’t go wrong with Waterlog, Roger Deakin’s nature classic that carries readers through the wild waterways of Britain. With every read of E. J. Koh’s award-winning memoir The Magical Language of Others, I’m spirited through unforgettable emotional terrain. It’s a love story between mothers and daughters spanning four generations—a perfect gift for anyone looking inward, to better love outward, this holiday season.  

—Masie Cochran

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