• December 7, 2021
          Maxine Scates and Joseph Millar
          December 8, 2021
          One Page Wednesday: December
          December 9, 2021
          “Is That A Real Poem Or Did You Just Make It Up?” : Bagley Wright Lecture Series
          December 14, 2021
          The Moth Mainstage in Portland
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TooFar Media invites you to enter a fever dream, where fiction is far stranger than fiction.

We have exciting new friends at this year’s festival! TooFar Media publishes provocative stories for the eyes, ears, and imagination by Rich Shapero. We recommend you discover them as well, in the Exhibitor Hall and in the TooFar Media app.

The stories dare readers with giant metaphors, magnificent obsessions, and potent ideas, and combine music, visual art, animation and video, for fiction that’s far stranger than fiction. Download the TooFar Media App on iOS and Android, and follow @richshaperoauthor and @toofarmedia on Facebook and Instagram.

This year’s Portland Book Festival will take place online and in-person. Join us online: November 8-12, and in-person on November 13.

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