• October 28, 2021
          BIPOC Reading Series- October
          November 8, 2021
          Portland Book Festival Virtual Event Pass: November 8–12
          November 8, 2021
          TAP@PBF: Change with John Freeman
          November 8, 2021
          Tenderness: Donika Kelly, Brandon Taylor, and Kirstin Valdez Quade
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Grace Hansen

Grace Hansen Oregon

Grace Hansen (she/her) is a marketing professional in the Portland, OR area. She’s originally from Northern California, more specifically, a little town called Oroville, CA. It was there she discovered her love of stories. Since grade school she has been devouring literature with a hunger that only a small-town girl dreaming of the bigger world waiting for her could. At seventeen she left home and set off for the land of sunsets, magic mouses, and glittering adventure: Orange County. She earned a BA in Literature with an emphasis in Business Administration from Biola University. After working and living in Orange County for a couple years, she sought another change of pace. She came to live in Portland, Oregon to pursue a Masters of Arts in Book Publishing from Portland State University. After graduating in June of 2021, she has been working as a Marketing Coordinator Intern at Kittelson and Associates Inc., helping to bring modern transportation solutions to communities in Oregon. When she is not working she enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, paddle boarding, camping, and taking walks with her dog, Hashbrown.

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