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Spit/WRITE – Portland Youth Poet Laureate Project

Spit/WRITE – Portland Youth Poet Laureate Project

Spit/WRITE poets Siale Ita, Adam Nayak and Micah Fletcher will share their works at Wordstock this year!

Spit/WRITE’s organizers are Portlanders who took on this heART mission in partnership with Urban Word, based in New York City, to bring this unprecedented literary experience to The Rose City. This is part of a youth-empowerment movement that is rapidly spreading across the United States, most recently into Portland, Seattle and Atlanta.

As professional artists and writers, they each have a passion for working with urban youth. And they are excited to help identify students who have the potential to thrive as both poets and leaders, and then give them training and a platform to take their talents to the next level. Instead of buying into the negative media-influenced portrayals of our youth, Spit/WRITE is honored to create space for our Portland area young people so they can contribute to our region’s evolving cultural milieu.

Learn more at https://www.spitwrite.com/.