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Sacred Vaccination by Jenny Monteverdi

Sacred Vaccination
by Jenny Monteverdi from Open Meadows
Published in the 2006-2007 WITS Anthology Mostly What I’m Made Of

The beautiful serenity of the river
Is unforgettably overpowering
The sun’s rays stay still
As the water is constantly in motion

The birds in the trees live their lives so freely
As I am stuck in this rut
I trust the sturdy rock supporting my body
Close to the riverbank I haven’t trusted anything in a long time

The sounds of the unpredictable rapids
The trees rustling in the gentle breeze
Calm me,
Echoing in my ears,
Reminding me who I am,
Why I am here
If I were to close my eyes
It would seem unreal

The smell of purity fills my relaxed essence
A scent so strong I could almost taste it
Purity is hard to come by in the real world

All the worries, drugs, regrets
Are washing away,
Being replaced with peace

The warm sun heals all my internal wounds
The breeze is soft against my skin
I swipe my fingers in the waters
It is so lucid, thin, uncorrupted
I do not want to disturb it

No hair-straighteners
No makeup
No diversity
Just the raw truth
So naked and rough inside
We all dress the same in our colorful uniforms
We all ache
We are all healing

My soul becomes as free as the birds in the tree
I feel privileged
Thanking this sacred vaccination
I get up
Leaving this flawless dream

All the worries, drugs, regrets
Are now washed away,
Replaced with peace

I am finally free.

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