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Why Is It Ringing? By Brenda Coe

Why Is It Ringing?
By Brenda Coe from Lincoln High School
Published in the 2007-2008 WITS Anthology I Once Was Young and Strong (Available for purchase)

In the very back of my empty garage there is a room commonly known as “The Man Room.” “The Man Room” is quiet and full of Elvis Presley memorabilia. The red hide-a-couch has three Elvis pillows randomly thrown on it. In one of the corners there is a 21” LCD flat screen television that is currently airing iCarly to no one. In the corner directly across from the TV is a solid oak rolltop desk covered in unpaid bills and receipts from God knows when.
Two boys enter the room, one about a foot taller than the other. The taller one, Nigel, has brown hair that he is constantly curling on the ends. He looks to be about 16. His blue jeans are sagging and his diamond earrings are reflecting the sunlight coming in through the small window. The younger boy, Andrew, looks very nerdy. His red, collared dress shirt doesn’t match his navy blue sweater or his bright red soccer socks he doesn’t leave the house without.
They both throw their two-ton backpacks onto the floor next to the couch and collapse. They both kick off their muddy shoes and reach for the remote. Nigel grabs the remote first and changes the channel to Parental Control on MTV.
“I don’t like this show!” Andrew exclaimed.
“That’s nice. Now go get me some cookies and a diet 7-Up,” Nigel demanded.
Andrew hops off the couch and out the door. About five minutes later, Andrew returns with several bags of popcorn, three partial boxes of Girl Scout cookies, and a 7-Up for each of them.
“I love Fridays!” Nigel shouted. “When is your sister going to be home?”
“I don’t know. She left about 20 minutes ago to get pizza, so she should be back pretty soon,” Andrew reported.
As the night fell quickly over the house the door to “The Man Room” flies open.
“Hey guys! Who wants pizza?” a young girl questions as she throws three Domino’s boxes on the desk.
As she goes to open the first box of pizza the lip telephone in the corner rings. All three kids go silent. No one moves. THE PHONE IS NOT PLUGGED IN!

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