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There I lie by Taylor W.

There I lie
By Taylor W.
From the WITS Program at Alliance High School

There I lie in the tree, on the limb the limb of time.
I praise the trees that touch the sky. The sky that is a deep blue with white thin clouds stretching out across the great expanse.
I praise the celestial starry space, so beautiful and mystical.
Its constellations bringing great thoughts of wonder and awe.
I praise the fungus that grows among us, in our homes, and in our bread and wine.
I praise the chant of the eagle as it flies high in the sky, wing’s expanded to great lengths.
I praise the predator’s eye and the prey’s mind.
They dash and weave hiding and preying.
I praise the worm for the soil, the soil of fertility and decomposition.
I praise the flower,the flower of peace and love
I praise the leaves a reason to be green.
I praise a seed a reason to plead for a world of peace, and filled with love.
I praise the birds that soar high in the sky. A expanse of blue that stretches out to the horizon. As it extends to the horizon the deep blue starts fading into a light blue until it reaches the horizon at a whitish-blue.
I praise the sun for it spreads its joy to you and me.
I praise the moon for its night light. The moon shining down on all the homes. People of the town sleeping deeply and soundly.
I praise my mind to let me be free and allow me to see the free world, the world of nature.
I praise for it to let me fly high in the in the deep space we call the sky, and allow me to be me, and you to be you.
This is my reality to become one with mother nature.

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