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Writing Results: Thinking About an Older Person

Here are the results for this weeks writing prompt.

Writing Prompt: Think of the oldest people you know. Choose one and describe him or her. Include details about how this person speaks and moves. Imagine what this person was like when he/she was young; describe.

By Kelley B.
Moses, the oldest person I know, lives in the apartment across the hall from me. He seems as old as the building himself, but is really only about ninety. He walks with out bending his knees, and though his shoulders are squared, he looks just as hunched over sitting down as standing up. His tiny frame looks even smaller because of his huge shoes and gray wool cap. When he isn’t wearing that cap, I can see his hair, which looks like handfuls of cobwebs. He still smokes cigarettes, as I imagine he’s been doing for over seventy years, and is often seen sitting on the front porch, reading our mail.

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