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Free Verse by Alex H.

Free Verse
by Alex H.
From the WITS Program at Alliance High School

He escapes the night
Searching for a perfect canvas to write on
When he walks you can hear the faint click clack
Of the rattling spray can in his pocket
He is a young, brown, strong, Da Vinci, and full of pride
He is ready to express himself so the world can
Discover the truth
So they can see how life really is through his eyes
Of everything they have missed out on
The good and the bad
With no fear or second thinking in his mind
He pops the cap off
Four fingers wrapped around the cold can
His index finger slightly pushing on the head of it
Moving his whole arm furiously over the brick wall
As the sun begins to peak over the hills
And the darkness slowly drifting farther
He takes one last look at his masterpiece
With hopes of appreciation, change, and discovery
He blows it a soft kiss like the wind
And escapes the sun light.

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