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by Samantha N.
From the WITS Program at Alliance High School

Keep your head held high
Never let them take your self worth
Though they may try,
Your, smarted than they know
Your integrity is strong
And soon they will see it show,
Right now they are dumbfounded
But wait until it is over
Because no longer will you be bounded,
All the babies clung to your arms
A family reunited
A family oh so strong,
I know things seem hard right now
But the worst has come knocking
And you received it
Now see it gone,
You are a good mom
Don’t let anyone tell you different,
We all make mistakes
But you know it best
That it falls on whether or not you choose to fix them
You will see,
No matter what gets thrown your way
You will be,
The one who was consistent,
The one who has never given up,
The one who has stayed,
And the one who through it all
Has been brave,
You are resilient and oh so smart,,
Don’t give them the satisfaction
Or let them break you apart,
Maddy will be playing High School Musical
Before you know it,
And Boo will be getting yelled at oh too soon,
Me, and Alexis will probably stay up late hours
And you may find us a little after noon
Wyatt will have his CSI kit out, creating plaster
Then playing with army men, water guns and super soakers
Baby John you can find him with that big Asian grin
Austin getting jiggy with his music at random times
Keaton playing hide and seek, popping out to everyone surprise,
Joe well he can have nothing to say
But knowing him he might find a way
And then now
We can find you
Sitting back
Telling us dinner will be done soon
Than at 11:00 ten hours passed noon
Dinner comes,
Then we all find a way
To sit around the table
Thank God and pray,
Then it will start all over again the next day,
Though we get called dysfunctional
One thing that will never change
We all love each other,
So brace yourself because it will come back soon,
No more sleeping in
No more time alone
No more quiet as you must know,
But still lots of fun,
So when it happens, like it is inevitable it will,
Everything will be good
Everyone smiling
Everything going 100 miles per hour
No more time to be still,
So don’t walk away yet
Because you are so close,
Just work your magic
And do what you do,
And no matter what ever happens
Just know that
We love you.

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