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Who Made Morphine? By Alex H.

Who Made Morphine?
By Alex H.
From the WITS Program at Alliance High School

I ask my self as I sit here in a dark, dark room with my thick old curtains sealed shut, only the little flickering light of the television peeking through. I am lost in a daze, a warm, tingling, funny daze. What a incredible sensation running through my whole body. I can’t even feel the excruciating pain I had five minutes ago from the four wholes in my mouth, where my molars once had stood. These big white oval shaped pills I hold in my hand held n solitary confinement by this orange container, “with my name on it Monica Lopez, oh what a pretty name I have.” Its hard to read the rest because my eye lids are barely open. “oh gross!” with all this numbing, I didn’t even feel the slobbery blood trickle down my chin.

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