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I Love Crazy Bread by Tamara Snook

I Love Crazy Bread
by Tamara Snook from Renaissance Arts, Marshall campus
Published in the 2007-2008 WITS Anthology I Once Was Young and Strong

Now all we need is the return
of a sane world,
I guess in this room
next week
it will arrive
On January 11 and protest
the shame that is
Guantanamo Bay.

Then, I can keep my
valuables close by
as I downward dog.
They say it’s
Animal Friendly!

But he remains opposed
to the torture and waterboarding,
That are involved

Some worlds are handcrafted
from coconut-tree bark
(a renewable resource)
and hand-carved
water buffalo horn…

but he says they are still
torturing them all the while,
then is holding a million of them
really a crying shame?
Hell Ya!
That’s What
Enhanced Interrogation Techniques
Look Like

And Thousands
of Kids Will Give
the Chocolates Back

She is back
in action and will be
going down TONIGHT
with him.

To exchange information
that will ultimately lead
to a healthy world and nation.
That has people who are only
Pleasantly Plump Vegans
who eat only
spicy corn chili
and crazy bread.

Here we can genuinely welcome a dog
So we can look forward
to him answering questions,
under oath.

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