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This I Believe by Brandin Cox

This I Believe
by Brandin Cox from Open Meadow
Published in the 2006-2007 WITS Anthology Mostly What I’m Made Of

I believe that it’s ok to not know what you’re doing
I believe that everyone has an inner child
I believe that none have the right to cut down trees

I believe in dancing in the moonlight
I believe in howling on the night of the full moon
Or when I hurt

I believe in staring into someone’s eyes for hours
I believe that no one can tell others what to do
I believe in long conversations even about nothing

I believe in going to the park at four in the morning
I believe in doing all you can to make people happy
I believe in not always doing the right thing but what you want to do
I believe in green sky and blue fields

I believe in making something out of nothing
I believe in Top Raman for every meal
I believe in going for walks and being gone hours
I believe that I can do anything if I tried
I believe you do what makes you happy

I believe in angels

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