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Getting Published!

Look to the right of this post, above Facebook and Twitter, and you will see in clickable blue letters, “Getting Published.” Behold a brand-new section of the W.o.o.t.s. blog! The aim of Getting Published is to help student writers find online and print journals that fit their style, so they can perfect their work and submit it to be published.

While putting this blog together I discovered a very exciting thing about being a student writer: there are experienced writers all over the country who have started journals dedicated to your work! Not only do they want to publish your art, but many of them also want to comment on your work and help you grow as a writer.

Even if you aren’t ready to submit your work, many of these links feature online magazines, full download-able issues, and forums about all things writing. A couple even offer FREE print subscriptions (awesome).

Keep an eye on Getting Published for news about student writing, including tips from the experts, calls for submissions, and contests. Happy publishing!

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