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Attention all writers! Here’s a great opportunity for the month of November from Marylhurst University:

Digi…what? DigiWriMo! The English and Digital Humanities degree program at Marylhurst University is offering up a (somewhat) insane month-long writing challenge, and we’re calling it Digital Writing Month.

DigiWriMo is a wild ride through the world of digital writing, wherein those daring enough to participate will wield keyboard and cursor to create 50,000 words of digital writing in the thirty days of November. Modeled after the inspirational National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), DigiWriMo’s intent is to crack the lid off what it means to write online. Participants will conspire, collaborate, co-author, cooperate, collude, and even compete to reach their goal in whatever form they see fit: blog posts, text message novellas, code poems, Twitter poems, wiki novels, some creative wizardry of text and image, and more! You do the inventing… We’ll provide the applause (and doughnuts)!

On November 17th at the Flavia Salon on Marylhurst University campus, DigiWriMo will host the Night of Writing Digitally! This will be a live event complete with dinner, inspirational speeches, amazing new writing challenges, an overflowing candy table, and late-night delivery of Portland’s favorite donuts! Everything a writer could need to break through that mid-month writing slump! The Night of Writing Digitally is a free event, open to high school students and adults… But with only 100 seats available, the room is bound to fill fast.

To register, visit www.DigiWriMo.com.

And for all those creative minds who will be too busy to reach 50,000 words, we encourage you to concoct your own goals. We’ll be hosting weekly writing challenges — both collaborative and independent — to keep everyone’s imagination percolating. Can’t write a novel in a month? Work together to write one in a day! Don’t understand how code can be poetic? Challenge yourself to write a code poem in under an hour! DigiWriMo writers can join our forums to unlock even more ideas for writing, to connect with collaborators, and to share their success (and inspirational failure) stories. Plus, every Friday night, we’ll be hosting an online Twitter social hour, so writers can interact with one another in real time.


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