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2012-13 WITS Chapbooks Released!

by Mel Wells

Every year, we receive more fantastic submissions for our WITS Anthology than we can print, so we also create digital chapbooks to showcase more student work. This year, the three volumes of Voices were designed by Rebekah Volinsky, who did beautiful, professional work. We’re so excited to have these chapbooks online for everyone to read.

Voices is a collection of student work from across Portland. The pieces are diverse in every sense, spanning a wide variety of genres, experiences, and emotions. The entire collection thrums with young writers finding their authentic voice. Each of these students worked with a WITS writer-in-residence to write, revise, edit, and submit their writing. Many also shared their work at readings throughout the city, at local cafes for audiences comprised of parents, friends, teachers, and other community members.

Happy reading!

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