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Literary Arts News

Covering Your Assets: Workshops for Artists at Bridgelab in March

On three consecutive Tuesdays in March, RACC and PNCA will be presenting Covering your Assets: These workshops were designed to give artist and small business people a firmer understanding of the legalities of monetizing their creativity. PNCA Bridgelab 511 NW Broadway, Portland OR 97209 $25

March 3: Intellectual property and Copyrights: 
Do you own the copyright in your work or does your client? Do you need permission to use a company’s logo in your artwork? What should you do if you find someone using your work without permission? Learn the different types of intellectual property that can impact your work, how to use each, and what to do if you find someone infringing your work.

March 10th: Contracts: 
Want to sell a painting, publish a book, land a commission, or collaborate on a project? You’re going to need a contract. This class will teach you the basics of how to create a contract, what different clauses in creative contracts mean, and what to look out for in contracts you’re asked to sign. Don’t get caught feeling like you have to sign the contract you’re given. Know what you’re agreeing to and when to ask for help.

March 17th: Negotiations: 
Learn how to effectively negotiate with anyone: clients, collaborators, bosses, and adversaries. You’ll learn how to ask for what you want, how to figure out what the other side wants, how to take control in a negotiation, and how to say “no.” Designed especially for people who are intimidated by negotiation and conflict, this class is useful no matter what your current negotiation comfort level is. You’ll walk away with easy to use tools and the confidence to negotiate your rate, handle a demanding client, and get what you need in any creative situation.

Presenter: Katie Lane is an attorney and negotiation coach who works with artists and freelancers to help them protect their rights and get paid fairly for the work they do. Combining a background in theatre, years of experience negotiating multi-million dollar deals, and a deep affection for all things nerdy, she teaches people how to protect their work and negotiate in a style that feels comfortable, strong and authentic. Katie posts weekly about law and negotiation at her blog WorkMadeForHire.net.

and also on March 15th: Are you planning on tapping into the world of grants? It starts with a plan – grant writing for success may be a great first step. This hands-on session will expose artists to the strategy, planning and goal setting steps of preparing to write a success grant proposal. Sunday March 15th . 1 pm -5 pm at The Columbia Center @ Saints Peter & Paul Episcopal Church, 8147 SE Pine St, Portland, OR 97215

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