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Youth Programs

WITS Reading for Madison HS at Bipartisan Cafe

by Mel Wells

On Wednesday night the Bipartisan Café was filled with students, parents, writers, and teachers eager to hear and support students at Madison High School bravely reading their work out loud. Twelve students read their poetry, college essays, and stories with vibrancy to an enthusiastic audience greeting them with claps and cheers. Three WITS writers-in-residence, Turiya Autry, Alex Behr, and Bettina de Leon, also read pieces that were inspired from working with the students. Together they all shared diverse experiences, stories, and writing that revealed the importance of the writing process.

Many thanks to the participating writers, the teachers Kelly Gomes, Alicia Smith, and Nicola Omis, along with Principal Petra Callin. We’d also like to thank the Bipartisan Café for being such kind hosts. Further, thank you parents for coming and supporting our program!


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