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Upcoming Delve Seminar – Elena Ferrante: The Neapolitan Novels Part Two

Sara Guest is an editor and poet. Her previous work has included being an editor for Encyclopaedia Britannica, producer for Harpo Studios (Oprah’s Book Club), and program coordinator for Write Around Portland. She is currently the creative manager for Swaim Strategies. Sara has an MA in English from Case Western Reserve University. This winter, she will be leading Elena Ferrante: The Neapolitan Novels Part 2. Here is what Sara has to say about her seminar!

Q: What interests/excites you about the author your Delve is focused on?
A: I think Elena Ferrante is one of the most compelling authors in contemporary fiction. Her secret focus on what kind of relationships and temperament it takes to be a writer– which is what I believe her Neapolitan novels are fundamentally about, is incredibly interesting to track and consider. Also, because she considers the Neapolitan novels actually one giant 1,500 page book, her work is the closest thing to reading a new Victorian novel that we have in today’s publishing world. Additionally, the recent HBO adaptation of the first novel is dynamite, and really worth considering in relationship to the texts for anyone who hasn’t read them, or would like to re-read them in community.

Q: What can participants expect to happen in your Delve seminar?
A: I believe in close textual reading to help us digest literature in community, so I always facilitate our conversations back to the text when we’re really wrestling with a thorny question (and lots of other times as well). Elena Ferrante is a beautiful writer, so it is a great pleasure to look carefully at how her language operates and contributes to our overall understandings of her work. You also ought to expect for everyone in the group to participate, and be encourage to have healthy dialogue and disagreement.

Q:What do you think is the best way to have a good Delve experience in your seminar?
A: Just do the reading and come excited to talk about it.

Q: What do you like most about being a Delve guide?
A: Guiding Delve seminars is really a passion of mine. The chance to consider literature with other people makes what I’ve read so much richer and more meaningful to me, so it’s really a dream opportunity to help make sure our conversations are productive, fruitful and challenging.

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