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Announcing the #Virtualandia! Top 10 Competitors

We are excited to share with you #Virtualandia! 2021’s Top 10 Competitors! Our judges were tasked with a difficult job of narrowing down the selection of poets to the Top 10. And what a lineup we have this year!

Our poets recorded their performances for the competition at the NM Bodecker Foundation last week with COVID safety protocols in place. We’ll all get to watch their poems, the judges scores, and see who the next grand slam champion is at the #Virtualandia! championship event on April 29th at 5:30 p.m. PT!

#Virtualandia!’s Calibration Poet

Alana Anderson (she/her), Franklin High School

Our calibration poet will open the #Virtualandia! event, and her performances will help judges calibrate their scores for the evening. Her performances will be shown ahead of Round 1 for judges and the audience to settle into the excitement of the evening. We are so excited to have Alana as our 2021 calibration poet!

Meet the #Virtualandia! 2021 Top 10

Anna Gunderson (She/Her), Franklin High School, 10th grade

Emma Hayes (She/Her), Ida B. Wells High School, 10th grade

Gigi Bareilles (She/Her), Franklin High School, 9th grade

Jazlynn Davis (She/Her), Parkrose High School, 9th grade

Jordan Wolmut (She/Her), Benson High School, 12th grade

Jourdan Dimoff (She/He/They), Grant High School, 12th grade

Lilli Rudine (She/Her), Franklin High School, 11th grade

Sadie Wallsmith (She/Her), Grant High School, 10th grade

Shala Santa Cruz Krigbaum (She/Her), Franklin High School, 11th grade

Sophia Atkins (She/Her), Lincoln High School, 10th grade

It’s not too late to get your tickets for the main event on Thursday, April 29, emceed by Oregon’s Poet Laureate Anis Mojgani: https://literary-arts.org/event/virtualandia-2021/

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