by Dylan Grimsrud from Open Meadows
Published in the 2006-2007 WITS Anthology Mostly What I’m Made Of

I respect skills
If the writer’s real
And expresses how they feel
I respect efforts that aren’t futile
I respect throw up when it’s not a slew of bile
I respect unhappy people when they smile
And M.C.s that can freestyle

I respect people workin’ for what they got
From the stripper in college
To the kid sweepin’ the mom-and-pop spot

I respect activism
I respect the reaction of every action
I respect the tracks in the train yard
‘Cause they show a path
When so many are blind and don’t know where they are

I respect birds ’cause they can fly and I can’t
I respect anybody who ever bought a tree to plant
I respect water ’cause it’s mostly what I’m made of
I respect forgotten warriors ’cause they were nervous when they were sharpening their blades up