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Writing Results: Your favorite song

The results the we received from Monday’s Writing Prompt were awesome. We had a total of 11 poems/prose sent in. You can read over all of the submissions by clicking here. Below are just three chosen at random. Thank you everybody who submitted something. Check back on Monday for a new writing prompt!

What I Got by Taylor W.
Lovin is what I’ve got
While I go to the spot
At 12 on the dot
Sit there and watch my self rot
And root to the spot
I pop the rock
Then drop to the block
Stop the rock
Pop the heart with my love
Because lovin is what I got.

“Too Good For Words” and/or “Angel Taylor” by Anonymous
In its purest form.
You want him but he wants her.
Fairly common,
for high school.

We’ve all been through it.
Wanting to be wanted
by one specific someone.
It just doesn’t work out.

each and everyone of us.
Will be his, or hers,
until the end.

Safe With You by Samantha L.
Safe from harm, heart ache and pain,
Never living life in vain,
Waiting for your dream to come true,
Then realizing that dream is you.
Suddenly no longer feeling safe,
But still find comfort in your face.
Hurt and confused,
My heart permanently bruised.
Up and down like the oceans tide,
Life being a roller coaster ride.
Now living in the fast lane,
No longer feeling sane.
Love captured my heart,
And you took it part by part.
Your who I want for the rest of my years,
If I had your love there would be no more tears.
Taking a chance scares me too,
But at least I know I’m safe with you.

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