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Laura Moulton and her Magic Memory Machine

Tucked amidst live music, sunshine, bustling PSU students, and the vibrant atmosphere of the Park Blocks was WITS Writer Laura Moulton’s mobile art exhibit- Object Permanence.

Working with scientist Jean Piaget’s idea that humans, when they are very young, associate meaning with objects, and remember those associations after the objects have disappeared, Moulton collected various objects and displayed them in a mobile gallery. All objects were paired with a card, revealing the object’s particular importance to its owner, and the tender memory associated with it. The objects are simple – a hair clip from a deceased best friend, a favorite mug from childhood, a mixed-tape, but combined with their associations, the Object Permanence project reveals how even the tiniest or simplest object can be a treasure. Inspired observers were also invited to type a personal association about an object on either of two beautiful typewriters attached to the mobile gallery, or to draw the object to submit to Laura Moulton for inclusion on her website https://lauramoulton.org/object-permanence/.


Laura Moulton and her Magic Memory Machine 

Treasured Object

When do objects become meaningful and why

Laura Moulton's literary art in the Park Blocks



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